Why Do You Live Your Passion?

Life has been pretty good to me. I am healthy, have a loving wife and amazing kids. Plus I get to do the one thing I really enjoy. Yet each year, the last day of the season is always the saddest letdown for me. What is the ONE THING?

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Where The Heck Have You Been?

I apologize for not posting in a while.

As you have read in earlier posts, in the winter months I am heavy into skiing. I am a professional ski instructor, introducing people from ages 4 to 72 learn this fun and exciting winter activity. This winter, I have been even busier because a local ski shop asked if I could fill in some hours. The next post I make will be about the last few days of skiing.

Now that ski season is over I’m back to blogging, building my business, and coaching people to get more from life, their careers, and from their businesses. Likewise, I am walking my own talk. You will be seeing more posts and I am part of an on-line challenge to increase my business. More about that later.

I hope everyone is enjoying life to the fullest. Feel free to let your friends, family, enemies, or loved ones know about this blog. I encourage your paticipation and would love to read your comments.


Michael Spindelman 

What’s Next From The Company? Seven Sphincter Deployment

There we were talking about corporate improvement strategies. We were having a simple discussion in the locker-room when a raw nerve was struck. So we dropped the subject.

About a week later I finally remembered that the cause of the raw nerve was very common. This individual was reacting to a reasonable fumbling of a well meaning consultant who was very competent with the tools of process improvement, but lacked a persistent understanding of the culture of integration.

What is a typical situation is that tools take on a life of there own. Management gets convinced that a specific tool is an end all methodology. Then they force it on unsuspecting victims who see the tool as over complicating a very simple problem. [Read more →]

Turn On Brilliance, Switch Off Time Management?

Have you ever worked on something that you were absolutely possessed about? You weren’t working you were obsessed. Time flew by, there were no hiccups and inspiration was in everything you did. You were performing at a level of high quality and you produced a lot. You were in a zone of contentment and clarity. [Read more →]

Happy New Years!

I love epiphanies. You know, those moments of insightful clarity where all the chaos settles down into clear uncluttered order. [Read more →]


Welcome to Eventronics’ Blog. Eventronics helps ordinary people achieve more from life and business.

Our mission is to find simple techniques that have big impact on the average person.

We began our business model helping large billion dollar companies deploy Six Sigma. We uncovered an interesting problem, that mature programs hit a glass ceiling. From our observations we began to develop an organizational model to address this dilemma. We further saw an opportunity to help small businesses and individuals reach higher levels of performance. [Read more →]

Does Giving Birth To Your Passion Get Bloody?

There, in front of a room of 35 newly met relative strangers, I began a presentation that I had never given before. It started out alright. Then the worst event happened, everything in my mind went totally blank. I couldn’t remember my presentation. A total brain burp! [Read more →]

Hello world!

Welcome to Eventronics’ Blog. Eventronics helps ordinary people achieve more from life and business.