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Time challenged?

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“From Impacted To Impact Teleconference”

John Cussons (AKA Mr Emotions) called me after attending 3 conferences within a 6 week period.

Boy was he facing massive information overload. More than overload, what he really was experiencing was something called “Applicititus”.

What is it, you are most likely thinking?

“Applicititus” is the ailment that is preventing him from applying all that great information that he invested so much time and money in .

Chances are, it has happened to you too. It has happened to me and most people I know. Actually, it happens to 98% of everyone.

We agreed, that I would help him, if we could do a teleconference and invite a bunch of people to share what I was going to help him with.

John and I really have some great conversations when we get going. Because he has the ability to really draw out some great information from me, I knew it was going to be an incredible call.

Well, what developed was a no-holds-barred interview between John Cussons of and me (AKA The Flow Doctor) on:

  • living your passionate purpose,
  • uncovering your birthright brilliance, and
  • recession proofing your life.

We discussed John’s information overload from the 3 conferences.

During the interview I threw caution to the wind and shared:

  • How to instantly get calm whenever stress pops up
  • How to push fear from your life forever in less than 8 minutes
  • An absolutely proven method to discover your unstoppable purpose

We also shared stories of real people who have been struggling with powerful blockages who saw them vanish within minutes. I reveal the nature of John’s “Applicititus” and how you can recognize it in your own life.

Most of all, during the call we offer you 2 fantastic Bonuses. So listen closely…..

  • The first is how to get a lifetime discount from John’s PixelMeCrazy service (value: priceless) and
  • A one-on-one personal strategy session from me that will skyrocket your productivity (worth $500).

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“From Impacted To Impact Teleconference”
( Duration: 68 min. )
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[audio:|titles=John Cussons Interview with The Flow Doctor]

After you’re done listening you’ll want to remember how to overcome information overload instantly.

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