About Eventronics

In 2002 the United States job market was undergoing a tremendous challenge. It was the first time that career displacement effected everyone. Blue collar and white, 9/11 from 2001 had a profound effect on all groups. Yet, like all bad economies, it rebounded. So too, will this one, the one you face now.

Hello, my name is Michael Spindelman. I am the founder of Eventronics. I too was one of those 2002 statistics. With no other option at the time, I chose to start a business.

During that past period of recovery I noticed an interesting phenomenon regarding the types of companies that recovered first. They were innovation oriented. They focused on bringing Value to the marketplace.

The behemoths of industry, the “Process” focused companies took much longer to respond to that profoundly changed market condition. These companies concentrated on cost savings.

There is a fundamental business formula: Earnings = (Revenues – Expenses)

Whereas a customer is solely focused on Value.

If you have no pressing need for a product the cost has no meaning.

No matter what price something may be, if there is no apparent value there is no desire. Thus no matter how much an organization focuses on reducing expenses, if there is no need there is no market. Therefore Earnings are more a function of Revenues. “Value” has a direct relationship to Revenues and thus growth.

It was under that chaotic environment that Eventronics was formed. I used science to create a methodology that could help companies perform better under the constant sea of change that has become the norm in the new global reality. But, the big breakthrough in my research was how it could dramatically help you as an individual.

The rigor of science has shown me the power in developing personal passion. Not mine, but yours.

When you honestly separate “Lust” from “Passion” you discover a completely different reality. Passion benefits the world, lust is about self stimulation.

From my science based approach, I have created a Life, Career and Business Coaching organization. In every successful company are successful individuals doing great things. My focus is to help you and average individuals reach exceptional levels of performance on a consistent basis.

Eventronics transforms lives. My clients see a marked balance where there had been years of struggle. I teach simple practices that have big impact. My strategies produce immediate results that last the test of time.

One such programs we have developed is called Brilliance At-will. This program was designed to help you eliminate “Applicititus”.

Have you ever heard about Applicititus (applic – i – tite – us)? Chances are, you are either currently affected by it or have in some period in your life. It is not a mere procrastination. Applicititus is a feeling of disconnect that prevents you from taking action after training.

Eventronics is dedicated to helping average individuals overcome this scourge. I have uncovered ground breaking science that will help you unleash your brilliance on a consistent basis. But, my programs are not science courses. They are practical and fundamental. Like an I-pod, it is simple to use and easy to apply into your life. Yet the science behind it is still quite amazing.

To find out more click here –> Applicititus

THE SCIENCE: The name of the science behind my methodology is EventronicsTM – or the study of EventFlowTM. Events are the most fundamental concept to define reality. By understanding the nature of Events and how they create and respond to given situations, you can better predict outcomes, then direct them to your desired goals.