The Book Of Answers

The Book Of Answers – Discover the one simple question that uncovers your passion, that unveils your purpose, and unleashes your brilliance. Here are some examples of individuals who have.

She was in her early 20’s with two very young children, attending college and didn’t have a clue what she wanted from life.

He was in his mid 60’s, had not been employed for at least 5 years and he had no clue what he wanted to do in life.

Then there is the 40 something Big Ego Executive, whose company went through a merger and found himself 6 months later out on the street.

In a few short weeks, the young woman knew without a doubt how wonderful her life is becoming. She saw it, felt it, and embraced it. She knows where she will live, the environment the kids will have, and the kind of life she will live doing the things she loves. Her grades have shot up from C’s & D’s to an A. She is now a research biologist.

The gentleman who had been so frustrated with his life after 5 years of endless rejection finally found the perfect product that he developed with a global marketplace. He loved the marketplace so much; he never thought to make money from it. His voice use to be a monotone. He now speaks with a thunderous laughter. He has a mail order business teaching through DVD video how to fly huge kites with 2 strings.

Well, as far as the Executive’s concerned, he knows everything anyways. He made jokes, snide comments and was too important to download and try this product. I heard unfortunately, he’s going through a divorce and loosing his house as well. I wish him a better future. (Maybe, in 5 years he’ll rediscover this product and try it then.)

I’m going to be perfectly honest, if you know everything and are not willing to change anything then don’t buy and download this product.

But, if you are feeling frustrated with the direction your life is headed, your copy of The Book of Answers will help you to find your purpose, your passion, and point you in the right direction.

This book is not the end all solution to all that ails you. It is a self discovery guide that is part of a much larger world. You will instantly receive the book and the hit yourself on the forehead killer question. Then over the next few days you will also get reminder emails that will guide you along a journey of self mastery.

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