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We began our business model helping large billion dollar companies deploy Six Sigma. We uncovered an interesting problem, that mature programs hit a glass ceiling. From our observations we began to develop an organizational model to address this dilemma. We further saw an opportunity to help small businesses and individuals reach higher levels of performance.

We discovered a few things. Six Sigma focuses on training the Best And The Brightest which only amounts to be about 5 to 15% of the organization. Our question was, “What if we were to be able to move more people into that category?” A natural plus for smaller operations.

The other big hidden factor was with constant focus on process improvement through an elimination mindset true innovation gets squelched. We saw after 9/11 that those companies who were process focused took longer to rebound than non-Six Sigma companies.

Most of the quality movement we know today started at Toyota. There is one critical factor missing when US companies deploy the Toyota Production Model: Play. That’s right PLAY. In the Toyota environment, action preceeds improvment. Try something that we know nothing about, discover the mistakes, begin an improvement strategy then try again.

True innovation comes from playing with things that don’t make sense and discovering the results. Innovation asks rediculous questions and finds improbable results that WOW. Six Sigma is about converting a subjective problem into a mathematical model for removing variability. Innovation is harnassing variability and allowing intuition to lead to unintended conclusions.

After 5 years of variability reduction, the corporate culture accepts that variability is a bad thing. In order to move the company into new markets, they must buy small nimble innovators and process the heck out of them. Which unfortuneatly drives the innovating founders out of the organization.

The innovators open new markets. Process companies focus on “Market Share”. Either way, every company establishes through day to day practices it’s corporate culture. Blending process with breakthrough ideas requires a mindset that tolerates well executed mistakes. A point that US companies missed when adopting The Toyota Way.

Innovation is focused on benefiting and positively impacting a global society. Process is about scarcity, control, elimination and cost. The funny thing is, that innovation can really do some major damage to a process focused organization. The typewriter industry was displaced by desktop computing. The keyboard industry however has seen a big upturn.

What we wonder is when transportaion technology will move past the wheel and petrolium paradigm? When will we have tireless vehicles that consume less and less of any energy and offer more features at more affordable pricepoints? That day is comming if enough people ask the question.

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