Happy New Years!

I love epiphanies. You know, those moments of insightful clarity where all the chaos settles down into clear uncluttered order.

The last few days, I have been receiving a massive barrage of negativity. The funny thing is I have selected the sources. I chose the radio station that talked about how we are living George Orwell’s 1984. How wars are used to drain economies of valuable resources and perpetuate a one side must win attitude.

I selected the YouTube Videos on 9/11 conspiracies. That essentially substantiate that the underlying cause for the tragic event was a controlled demolition that would provide substantial economic gain for its new owner and rally the country around a war against a non-state enemy.

Furthermore, tragic events in Pakistan made me feel helpless. That there is so much evil in the world, what possible difference could I have on it. Then I chose another set of sources.

These sources talked about how absolutely powerful our minds are. How there is this collective consciousness that connects us all. They discussed no matter how horrible a situation is, it is our choice to respond that makes all the difference. Then I remembered how not just the United States, but how the world reacted to 9/11 immediately afterwards. It was overwhelming concern and love. There was a global connectedness in the weeks following that sad day.

I remembered being on the first flight out of my hometown after that tragic destructive period. Destructive not only from the crashing buildings and the loss of lives of the unfortunate people inside but, the lives of their families. And, of the travel industry that were on the plane with me trying to get home two weeks afterwards. The destruction of perceived security. The uncertainty that my family would expect of my safe return from another expected business trip.

Day after day, we are constantly reminded of how there are bad people in the world who are focused on destruction. In spite of all of that, I absolutely am blessed with laughter in my household. That I can look at things my family does and encourage and heal. Together, we each see the world a little bit differently.

How we work at finding miracles in the natural order around us. I must remind myself that children all over the world build friendships and find opportunities to play. I was reminded of that yesterday as I taught 3 young adults in there late twenties how to ski for the first time. They were visiting from Hong Kong.

I can choose to create conversations of action for a better world. I can choose today at this very minute to find something wonderful about my wife and children. That I can use my voice make people find joy. To transcend the dark clouds that looms overhead.

To realize that the natural order of the universe which is so much greater than any one person uses clouds to buffet sunlight and provide fresh life rejuvenating water. That within each one of us is a universe unto itself. We are part of an infinite existence as much as we are mortally alive.

If we choose to react with anger and violence, then we give into those forces in the world who believe that destruction, scarcity, and security are best for us.

I would rather choose a world that looks at abundant centric solutions, positive alternatives, balanced creation, and freedom.

A world where trust is understood between principled people from all backgrounds. I choose love and understanding over hatred and ignorance.

Through time truths change. What prevents change from occurring is adherence to outdated truths. What was true with 1 million people on the planet, in many ways is different with 6+ Billion people on the planet.

Starting today, right now and throughout the next year, choose light over darkness. Find your sense of clarity and purpose to make the world a better place. Please choose love over hate. Build up someone rather than tear them down. Help someone find a positive way in life. Bring more alternatives into the world, some call these third ways.

I plead with you, become part of a collective world that builds instead of destroys. Our very survival counts on it. Even if you had darkness in your soul, let a pinhole of light shine through you, starting now and let it grow. What is past cannot be changed. The future is always a day away. The only moment we ever have is now and what a present it is.

New truths always emerge. Choosing what is positive in them is the challenge. May this year bring you calm, peaceful epiphanies. –  Happy New Years,


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