Where The Heck Have You Been?

I apologize for not posting in a while.

As you have read in earlier posts, in the winter months I am heavy into skiing. I am a professional ski instructor, introducing people from ages 4 to 72 learn this fun and exciting winter activity. This winter, I have been even busier because a local ski shop asked if I could fill in some hours. The next post I make will be about the last few days of skiing.

Now that ski season is over I’m back to blogging, building my business, and coaching people to get more from life, their careers, and from their businesses. Likewise, I am walking my own talk. You will be seeing more posts and I am part of an on-line challenge to increase my business. More about that later.

I hope everyone is enjoying life to the fullest. Feel free to let your friends, family, enemies, or loved ones know about this blog. I encourage your paticipation and would love to read your comments.


Michael Spindelman 

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