Will You Lose Your Job?

He felt naked in his parka, hat and scarf. The bitter winter winds pierced his clothing tearing his flesh to the bone. Shivering in the near zero cold, waiting for the bus to arrive, battered by a wicked lake effect snow storm.

The swirling blizzard snow, reduced visibility to a few feet. Piled high mounds of snow buried the curb making it difficult to stand. The storm harsher than usual, businesses closing early. He was isolated, cold and alone.

Newly divorced, unemployed, emotionally drained. He had spent hours in line at the unemployment office. During this holiday season, life was suspended everywhere he went,. Self esteem reduced with the slush he now stood in, biting pain, feet freezing, nowhere to find comfort.

The wind momentarily paused, laughter catching his attention. Looking up, glancing at the window of a stopped car.

Inside the mobile haven was an old girlfriend. All seats occupied, everyone happy, and warm. The radio was blasting joyous holiday music. She was a successful attorney driving a luxury automobile. The contrast was crueler than the frigid frost. His hood was the only thing to protect his identity. Nothing could envelop his humiliation.

This story had no happy ending that winter. They didn’t get together for the holidays. His custom tailored high thread count suit remained hung in his closet as did his full length dress coat. His garments were a reminder of better times. A time when he stood tall with confidence and pride.

The lesson from this tale, no matter how desperate and baron life may look, after every winter comes spring. After every termination comes a rehire. Beyond each recession is prosperity.

No matter how rough the winter is, the seeds that got buried during autumn’s coverage, peek through. Nature repeatedly restarts the cycle again upon the warmer breath of life. So too does your life after unemployment. So too does every economy. You have a choice.

Everyone has one. That choice is to be left in the snow bank freezing. Or to figure out how the laws of nature work. To determine what thought processes will lead to termination, leaving you out in the cold. In comparison you can uncover what it takes to propel you, protected by the storm. You can discover special knowledge that keeps you moving forward.

A powerful form of that special knowledge is called the Applicititus 14 Week Intensive Cure. It addresses the challenge businesses face. It uncovers how you can leverage training so you are the one, people will follow. You will achieve stronger results because you will understand the laws of your nature. Most of all, you will see emerging opportunities while others are seeing endless despair.

You have choices. Either wait for the bus or drive in the car. Here is the car: The Applicititus 14 Week Intensive Cure

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