Free Search In The Business World To Home In On Jobs?

She lost her job. He lost his. I too have lost jobs in the past due to economic downturns. How about you? It’s a sinking feeling. When you first get home, it’s far from business as usual. Then, you search and search online day after day on all the sites posting jobs around the world. Each day rips at your soul.

You plan success, but you reach dead-ends. The wrong job haystack keeps growing, yet no needle. All that searching is anything but free.

It taxes your emotions. It challenges your self esteem. When time passes on, you wonder if you will ever find your opportunity again. It gets personal. Your dreams and goals get sidetracked to a numbers game. Your family will ask over and over again “anything today”? You go to career events. Collect information, send your resume and score zero.

In a tough economy, like after 9/11 and today, the duration drags on beyond reasonable hope. That is when it hits you. You come across an article such as this one and realize, there are other choices. What choices you say? Certainly not a get rich quick scheme.

It starts by discovering your authentic self. In order to really become whole you need to rediscover your separated segments. These pieces make up who you really are. Think back to when you were 6-years-old. As a kid you were whole. Then you began to conform.

What the world of business is facing right now is the negative effects of years of dissecting people. The economy, Wall Street, offshoring, mergers, golden parachutes, burst bubbles, job losses, frozen credit, lights-out-manufacturing etc. etc. etc.

The silver lining in all the negativity, is tremendous opportunity to create an economy that harnesses the best in all of us. To overcome the challenges of the current reality is to build products that are holistic from whole people for real needs. This is true innovation. And… innovation always outperforms in any economy.

Part of you investigation is to separate yourself back to your 4 separate selves to see what needs healing and development. These are your 4 parts:

  1. Physical
  2. Emotional
  3. Mental
  4. Spiritual

The problem you are facing is that for so long you have let bosses, companies and others define who you are. Wage gains were the reward for meeting their standards. Now you are looking inside. You are going to create a higher standard.

Your standard, that moves beyond fear. Because, fear prevents you from living authentically. When you connect to that part of you that is honest, courageous, sincere, and humble you will find a world waiting for your talents. You will begin to make connections that you were previously rejecting. Your circle of influence will expand and whole communities of people will embrace you.

Some call it the law of attraction. This is really selecting to connect with people that energize you and your reciprocation. If that is a law or attraction then I guess you could call it that.

If you are challenged and need a solid clear cut approach to uncover your authentic self then here is a link that will free your locked soul today; Free Your Soul Now

In business employers want people who understand themselves and can bring change home to the world. You have a choice. You can bring them that change or someone else can. You can live someone else’s life or you can lead yours. When you are authentic, you will be in demand. In any economy, in a free market system.

2 Responses to “Free Search In The Business World To Home In On Jobs?”

  1. Michael

    Insightful as usual.

    After a life time of working for ‘The Man’ followed by over 10 years of non-direction and sporadic ’employment’ I unknowingly took a look at ‘me’ and oh what a difference that has made.

    I in fact did look at my ‘4 parts’ in retrospect and took inventory of myself. For the first time I was brutally honest with myself and the results have been totally rewarding.

    It boiled down to what I liked, disliked, had passion for, ability for, aspiration for and setting goals toward letting the ‘world know’ who this newly rediscovered or “reformatted” individual was.

    I had no idea what this Law of Attraction thing was, but harnessed it anyway. I put myself out to the universe, took action and low and behold I started to attract what I was putting out there!

    Within months I became self employed doing business online which is exactly what came out of my self analysis. I have never been happier or more productive and look forward to each new days challenges.

    A far cry form my first 57 years to be sure!

    Michael, please keep up your thought provoking posts. I always get to challenge my reality and thinking when I read your good words.

    Thanks for letting me share

    “Mr Emotions”
    John Cussons

  2. I love this post – it is so true – we all need a reality shake up every now and again.

    Of course we could do without losing our jobs as a way of shaking us up but that is the reality in these economic times.

    I went through a time where I had lost my job years back and everything you described in this post is exactly how I felt as well as my family felt the effects.

    In our case we had been living on credit and flying high with the Jones so to speak. When I lost my job I literally lost everything from a material point of view.

    I still had my health and the love of my wife and children. That meant more to me than anything else – just the same suicide entered my mind – one day I went off by myself and realized the joys I had in my life that had nothing to do with material things.

    That is where my life changed and to this day my goal is not about achieving success for material things but to achieve success so that we can help others.

    Creating a business that allows you to have options for your family but at the same time helping those who really can’t help themselves. I don’t mind going to my grave knowing I have no material achievements except a safe place to live for my family but I do want to leave a legacy of helping others including my own family.

    To be able to visit the Rocky Mountains, The Grand Canyon, The Grand Ole Opry – those are things I want for myself and my family.

    Music has helped our family through a ton of challenges in our life’s and I will continue to make music a huge part of my life – in times of trouble music can help us all – Don’t give up on your dreams.

    Thanks for this post – it really hit home for me!

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