Do high gas prices get you upset?

Do high gas prices get you upset?


In the United States we are finally catching up with the rest of the world regarding gas prices. In Norway they pay over $9.00 per gallon. The UK is about $6.00. Yet in Saudi Arabia they pay $.45 per gallon. Maybe it’s time to rethink energy in general.


I learned today that it is now feasible to generate enough hydrogen to;


drive an automobile 380 miles per day


power your house’s electricity along with

heating the complete house,


utilizing a combination of either solar and or wind to power the separation process from regular tap water in your garage safely.


Now that is something to put into action at a grass roots level.


We could finally get away from the middle east and big oil companies stronghold on us. This is a topic I will continue over the next few weeks along with links to more information.

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